About Us

Hi there,

Thank you for stopping by our website. We thought we’d share a little bit about who we are. While ResCoffeeCo doesn’t have a brick & mortar location, as of yet, we are a growing business that loves coffee and community. Currently ResCoffeeCo offers a coffee bike for hire (email link at bottom of page for details) and sells both freshly roasted coffee (roasted in Chicago) and ResCoffeeCo merchandise.

The Coffee Bike:

Our coffee bike is a three wheeled bicycle with a box up front (like the ice cream guy that rides along Chicago’s lakeshore beaches in warmer months). Our bike serves as a platform to engage our community as we sell freshly roasted-bagged coffee and freshly brewed hot and cold coffee, as well as pour-overs. We love pour-over coffee!

Our bicycle is available for hire (like a wedding reception might have a cash bar or open bar). If you’d like to find out more about how to hire our coffee bike and help ensure your event is even cooler, please shoot us an email. If you want to check our coffee bike out, we’ll be selling coffee from our bicycle every Wednesday (June - Oct) 2:30PM-7:00PM at the Riverside Farmers’ Market. Stop by and say 👋🏽 

ResCoffeeCo Merchandise:

We like fresh coffee and we like fresh merch. Our goal by offering merchandise is to promote both our company brand and Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood, located on the northside. As Resurrection Coffee Company grows we are excited to find creative ways to invest in the life of Avondale, such as caring for neighbors who are homeless, and seeking the overall welfare of our city and our hood. Just as coffee brings the dead back to life there are many people in the Avondale neighborhood who are in need of ‘newness of life’. As you partner with us in purchasing our coffee and merchandise you will help us further our efforts to see the dead come to life. We also think any effort that positively promotes Chicago, such as our coffee and merchandise, helps promote the the greatness of our city and the beauty of it’s people.


If you live in Chicago, would like to carry our coffee at your establishment and have interest in placing a large purchase of coffee, (1) we’d love to meet you and (2) we’d love to offer you free delivery of our freshly roasted coffee. If you’re interested in small but reoccurring (weekly or monthly) coffee purchases and live on Chicago’s northside, please email us at info@resurrectioncoffeeco.com