Kedzie (Espresso)

  • $15.00

This pulp natural coffee from Brazil makes a perfect espresso with a creamy body and mild acidity. Perfect with milk or straight up, the Kedzie Espresso shows notes of roasted peanut, chocolate, and almond.

Don’t make espresso at home, no worries. The Kedzie tastes great no matter how you serve it. 


Why is our Espresso blend named Kedzie?

Kedzie Avenue runs north to south through the heart of Chicago and it also runs through Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood. For some seven years our founding coffee lover and his family lived above their friends (who are Brazilian) in a two-flat on Kedzie Avenue. Our Brazilian Espresso is named in honor of these dear friends.


Region: Brazil, Chapada de Minas

Elevation: 1100m

Processing: Pulp Natural

Tasty Goodness: Cocoa • Roasted Peanut • Almond